The Train Trips I Want to Take

I want to travel just about anywhere that’s worth going by train. It’s such a wonderful way to see different places – much better than flying. It’s a better view, for one thing, it’s cheaper and more comfortable, and then there’s my favorite part: if you see somewhere that looks interesting along the way, you can get off the train and hang out for bit. It’s better than driving, too, there’s no traffic, you don’t have to worry about tolls, accidents, or wear and tear on your car. Plus you can sleep on long train trips – while you’re moving!

One of the trips I want to take is the Bennett Scenic Journey. It’s a relatively short, but scenic and historical, trek from Skagway, AK to Carcross in the Yukon from the White Pass & Yukon Route. It’s the same route that people traveled back in 1898, through what looks like some absolutely beautiful scenery. You get to go past waterfalls and glaciers, through tunnels and over trestles. The lakes and mountains I see in the pictures look downright amazing. One of the tours is even on a steam engine! How amazing is that?

On the other side of the country, I would love to take a special someone on the Cape Cod Central Railroad. They have a Cape Cod Dinner Train, a three-hour train ride with a romantic theme. They play romantic music, serve a five-course meal by candlelight, and get to ride past beautiful seaside communities. There is even a car that has a dome on top, providing the perfect view of everything you pass by.

There are plenty of train rides around Europe that would be great, but actually I would like to go a little farther east and ride the Trans-Siberian Express. It’s the longest railway in the world, and I’d like to ride the line that goes from Moscow to Vladivostok. While you can’t actually get off the train and stay anywhere (the tickets are pretty specific), you can get off the train at scheduled breaks and explore the train stations for about a half hour every time it stops. You can buy food or other items from vendors who sell items at the train stops, too.

But – if distance and finances weren’t an issue – I would love to ride the Great Southern Rail’s The Ghan. These rides are several days long (the one I’d like to ride, the Darwin to Adelaide route, takes four days). There are activities and excursions planned throughout the ride, from music performances in the Australian Outback to an opal mine and Kangaroo Island. It’s sort of like a cruise, but by train. Sounds awesome to me!

You couldn’t do these trips through any other means of transportation, and I can’t wait to start crossing them off my bucket list. What about you, what is on your list of must-ride trips?