Train Show Weekend

I look forward to special events revolving around my interest. I am always on the lookout for train-related stuff, near or far. A train show weekend is full of a hobbyist memorabilia and all kinds of items that you might not have seen before. I can’t attend too many as they really pump me up. I learn a lot and get a visual feast at the same time. Your attention is fixed on all the exhibits, which can sometimes be exhausting if you are walking on concrete floors in a huge venue. I usually make the rounds several times. When I have gotten my fill and am more than sated, I like to take a little extra time to do something recreational out of doors. It depends on where the show is located, of course, but if I am lucky it is near a lake or river. Such is the case recently when I got to do a bit of towable tubing. I don’t care what kind of water as long as I am pulled along in this inflated device for a joy ride. Yes, I am about more than trails and railroads.

A good towable tube from Inflatables Life will put you in good stead for years once it has reached its peak size. I love hanging out at the lake and doing some people watching in the process. The last time I indulged in this fun pastime, I spotted some people I had met at the train enthusiast forum during the show. So, I considered the outing to be part of the total package as I got to talk about trains even in my off time. It was kind of an unexpected surprise, one that I embrace wholeheartedly. One of the best things about train expos is sharing stories and photos of collections. You never know what you will find with another ferroequinologist: man, woman or child. They come in all sizes, shapes, colors, and ages.

I had a memento from my time on the lake in the towable tube: a small bruise on my left knee. I couldn’t bend it for a few days, so I sat at the computer and looked at new train articles and blogs. I am not the only one out there penning my life with trains and mineshafts. Not by a long shot. With me, you get the real emotion of being passionate about this subject and reasons why you should follow suit for years of fun and enjoyment. As my interest grows, I find a need to express my wonder at this vast open-ended realm. I could write an ode to a locomotive right now; but, readers, you will have to wait. I have to give it some thought. Oddly enough, even when out behind the towing boat, I was thinking of train imagery while I skimmed the water. It is always in my brain. This is no part-time pleasure, but a real mania.